Project partnership

Project partnership is composed of 6 partners from Cyprus (DOREA), Spain (DomSpain), Croatia (Dante), Romania (Asociatia Bridge Language Study House) and 2 organisations from Italy (EBIT and Progeu).

All participating organizations are adult training institutions. Therefore all the organisations possess the know-how of the development of new teaching methods for adult learners, as well as have possibilities to test and disseminate new methodologies within their national context.

Project partners

About EBIT

EBIT – Training and Specialization School for the PA has been active since 2004 in the field of TRAINING for civil servants.

In 16 years EBIT has designed, organized and implemented hundreds of first, refresher and improvement training courses. The recipients of the training services are all Public Administrations (Local Bodies, Healthcare, Universities, Research Bodies, AFAM, non-economic Public Bodies, Ministries, School).

EBIT employs hundreds of the most qualified and authoritative teachers (managers and public officials, prestigious professionals, exponents of the doctrine and jurisprudence of clear fame, university teachers).
The highly specialized expertise of the speakers in the PA , combined with excellent communication skills and teaching skills characterize the EBIT teaching team and have always been a distinctive feature, widely recognized and appreciated over the years by the students. You can find more information about the organisation at EBIT website here.

About DomSpain

DomSpain Consulting is an adult training and education organisation dedicated to foreign languages, ICT, entrepreneurship trainings, sports and free time activities and specialized in the development of national and international programmes above all within the framework of the European Union countries.

DomSpain focus on strengthening the capacity of small-sized enterprises and organisations, as well as volunteering, working on social issues, involving in our activities all community members, including employers and governmental officials at all levels.

DomSpain offers support to non-profit, non-governmental organisations and private businesses for the development of international projects, searching for partners and funding programmes both in Spain and abroad. You can find more information about organisation at DomSpain website here.

About Progeu

Progeu is a social promotion association recognized since 2017 by the Lazio Region in the Register of Social Promotion Associations. It operates in the field of design and development and was created with the aim of contributing to the development of the Italian system in Europe and worldwide by promoting collaboration between public administrations, companies and third sector entities.

Progeu began operating in the summer of 2014 as an informal think tank and then established itself as an association for social promotion in October 2016.

Progeu – a dynamic group, always looking for new opportunities to be transformed into initiatives capable of generating social value.You can find more information about organisation at Progeu website here.

About Dante

The Dante Adult Education Institution began its activity in 1991 as a specialized school for teaching Italian. However, from the beginning, the desire to move forward was extremely high, so the school soon expanded its offer to other languages. Today there are courses in Italian, English, German and Croatian for foreigners at the school.

Since 2008, the Institution has been the exam center for the international exam in Italian – CILS. Thanks to many years of experience and achievements, the school was granted the status of an institution in 2009 and has verified foreign language learning programs with the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. Today, after completing the program and passing the exam, the students of the Dante Adult Education Institution receive a public document,  a certificate of foreign language proficiency. You can find more information about organisation at Dante website here.


DOREA Educational Institute is a team of highly qualified and experienced EU project management and non formal education and training professionals who offer a diverse portfolio of services. DOREA provides a complete range of continuous professional development, training, and project application advisory services for schools, adult education centres and other organisations from all over Europe. DOREA is also an international training course provider of Erasmus+ courses in various locations. During the last 7 years alone we delivered more than 500 courses under ERASMUS+ KA1 staff mobility courses.

Since 2012 DOREA has also implemented 53 projects within ERASMUS+ programme KA2, KA1 and KA3 – 14 projects as a project coordinator (host organisation), and 39 projects as a project partner (sending organisation). For more information, please visit DOREA website here.

About Bridge Language Study House

BLSH is a non-profit non-governmental association, established in 2002.
2003 BLSH became an examination center for the “European Consortium for the achievement of the diploma in modern languages” (ECL). In 2006, following the withdrawal of Pitman from Romania, BLSH became an examination center of the LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

BLSH professional work in the field of language teaching has been awarded in 2005 by the acceptance of the Bridge Language Study House as a full member of Quest Romania – a quality assurance association of Romanian-speaking suppliers. Since 2013 BLSH has also become a CERT-Tefl training provider. For more information, please visit BLSH website here.

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